We occasionally breed a litter of Beagles. We try to breed as healthy as possible but we also try not to lose sight of the main characteristics like temperament, health and beauty. Unfortunately in the eye of the law a dog has the same rights as a fridge but for us it is a living being. A being that can have illnesses or become ill just like any human being. And although we try to do our utmost best to breed healthy puppies, we inform you that anything might still be possible. We think it is also the new owner's duty to get informed about the illnesses that dogs may contract or are special for this breed. We also expect them to minimize any risks by following any recommendations we make to benefit our breed.


Breeding Beagles is a hobby for us and we try to deal with it in a good way. Yvon has finished several different courses and passed different exams so she can be seriously involved. In 2010 she passed her exam for the "HKB" course. She is also active in the different types of the sport and within different clubs that are all affiliated with the Raad van Beheer, the Dutch Kennelclub.

Puppies who are born here, will be reared in a home envorinment. They will be checked by a vet, will be vaccinated, receive an European Pet Passport and a complete puppy package. They will be entered in the NHSB and will receive an official pedigree approved by the  FCI. In the Netherlands we only need to test on MLS but we have the opinion that some other illnesses are just as serious. Therefor we test our dogs on several other illnesses. You can see all health results on our dogs' individual pages.


We are members of the Dutch Beagle Club and breed according their rules and VRF. We also oblige by the rules set by the Dutch Kennelclub. We use a contract for buyers and all parents have been DNA profiled. So all our dogs comply with all the rules set by the Dutch Kennelclub as well as Beagle Club Nederland. We only breed with dogs that have passed all strict regulations. Health and temperament are the main issues that we think are very important, but we also try to maintain their beauty. We spend a lot of time looking for the right combinations and don't think lightly about our choices. A lot of time is spent looking at bloodlines and finding the right males for the females. We do not only take the bloodlines into account but also the correct breed type as well as breed characteristics.

Our dogs are checked at least once a year by a registered vet and they are vaccinated. Just before a mating the bitch will have an extra veterinary check up.

Do you have any interest in a puppy from our kennel? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to point out that this breed is not an easy breed due to its characteristics. We expect you, as new puppy buyers, to look up information about this beautiful breed and that you are aware of its temperament as well as its health issues.


On 15 October our Chica gave birth to three healthy puppies. They all have new owners.


If all goes well we will expect a litter end of februari / beginning of march 2017.  If you want information about this or our future litters, please contact us by phone or email !!!

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