Born 10-07-2006

Deceased 07-01-2013


Mazzel, what a topper you have been. My first Beagle, my soulmate, my everything! You came into my life at a difficult period in which my mother fell ill and passed away. The love you gave me during this difficult period was so very welcome.


We have enjoyed the most beautiful moments together and both enjoyed training courses, especially agility. We were "two minds, one soul".


Thanks to you my love for the breed flourished and made me decide to start breeding. You were our second litter's father.


With great pain we had to decide to let you go but you were still so young. It was one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make and I still remember it regurlarly with intense sadness.


Dear Mazzel, we will never forget you. Thank you for all beautiful moments.


Rest in peace my dear friend !!